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Become a GAC member

  • sing with women from all walks of life, ages and interests;
  • perform at a variety of venues;
  • enroll as a member of 'Sweet Adelines International'
  • enjoy fun, interesting and challenging opportunities;
  • travel nationally and internationally;
  • compete at regional and international level,
  • challenge yourself to achieve your personal vocal best;
  • escape life's stresses for at least three hours per week, doing what you love doing: singing in harmony!

Our chorus of over 60 women of all ages offers a supportive environment to enjoy and extend your singing and performance talents.  

We sing four part harmony, a'capella - that is without instruments - and we have a varied repertoire with both modern and traditional Barbershop songs.  The four parts are Lead (the melody), Tenor (the high parts), Baritones (the inbetween bits) and Bass (the low parts.)  


When you arrive, we will voice place you, and you will join us on the risers from Day 1.  We are an auditioned chorus, and you will be given several weeks, and plenty of coaching and support to get through the audition, which is done in quartet formation.

Membership Fees

To help cover venue hire, costumes and director fees, as well as coaches and promotions, Subs are payable. and we will discuss the best way for you to pay - whether it be fortnightly, monthly or annually.


Members are invited to help boost funds by taking part in a variety of fundraising efforts.  All members are at liberty to choose which projects they will get involved in, depending on their time, circumstances and interests.



We rehearse Tuesdays, from 7:30-10:00 pm and guests are welcome at all rehearsals.

Come and visit us! Just drop by or send an email to our Membership Coordinator, and let us know you'd like to attend a rehearsal.

Feel free to ask her any other questions you may have, too.

Alternatively you can fill out our contact form.

Our rehearsal venue is located at:

University of Auckland Epsom Campus

College of Education - Music Building, Building B

Gate 3, 74 Epsom Avenue,

New Zealand

Need some help finding us? Click here for a map.

We have members from right across the wider Auckland area, let us know if you need a ride to get to us - car-pooling could be arranged.

We look forward to meeting you.