Trouble Free! Great "The Double Trouble!" concert


The Double Trouble! concert on Sunday 19 February was totally fantastic. 

All the key people returning to Auckland from Wellington arrived in time (Phew! -- thank you Air NZ and Jet Star! ).

Our guest Pride of Portland were amazingly lively, considering that they had flown overnight from the US and the few from Alaska had come from sub zero winter temperatures to a hot, humid Auckland summer's day.

What a buzz it was to sing "Hine" and "How we Sang" all together.

We pulled this show off once again with a lot of wonderful people's hard work - the wonderful Stage Manager Rebecca, FoH Manager Mike, Riser organiser Ali and all their support crews, Directors and fantastic MC Andrea.

Members' yummy home baking were a great hit again.

Well, even the theatre manager was happy because no glitter was left backstage!